About the Hub

International cooperation and knowledge-sharing are critical in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and many are looking beyond their own borders for information and inspiration. To this end, the UIA is organising a COVID-19 Information Hub, coordinated by council member Kevin Bingham. The essential role of this initiative is to compile material on the efforts and expertise of UIA Member Sections & Working Bodies in response to this crisis, including emergency healthcare facilities; policy initiatives and practice; and legal and financial measures relevant to architects in various countries. We will provide weekly updates and our findings will be compiled on our website.

The two main lines of interest in this initial phase are:

  • Emergency public health facilities
  • How this pandemic is affecting architectural practice

The medium to long-term objective is to develop a research repository on impact, mitigation and future planning from the perspective of the UIA’s working bodies.

If you represent a UIA Member Section or Working Body, we ask you to send us your input in the following areas: housing, health facilities, temporary structures, field kitchens and ablutions, isolation and partition, triage, materials and finishes, ventilation, building services and waste disposal in a crisis; adaptive reuse where appropriate, safety and security, legal guidance in contracts and practice, funding relief models, etc. We also seek your contributions on specific care facilities for the aged, persons with special needs, and those requiring care.